Three Trails Every Cyclist Should Ride Once

The Munda Biddi Trail pic
The Munda Biddi Trail

Formerly president of the Security National Automotive Acceptance Company, LLC, Becky Catino now serves as chair of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati, Ohio. Becky Catino enjoys taking cycling trips overseas when time permits.

Traveling by bike is a fun and rewarding way to see the world. Here are three must-ride trails for all bicycle lovers to experience.

1. The Ho Chi Minh train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Perfect for long cycling adventures, this 746-mile trail connects Vietnam’s largest cities. The trail hugs the coast for most of its length.

2. The Munda Biddi Trail through Western Australia. The trail covers 206 miles between Mundaring and Collie, taking cyclists through a lush eucalyptus forest. Cyclists can expect to see kangaroos, wallabies, and more. The trail is varied, with many sections appropriate for less experienced cyclists.

3. The Ruta Austral in Chile. This expansive gravel trail takes cyclists more than 810 miles through national parks, native forests, and right by the Puyuhuapi Hot Springs near Queulat.


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