Quarterback Andy Dalton Cracks Top 100 for First Time


Quarterback Andy Dalton pic
Quarterback Andy Dalton
Image: nfl.com

During her time as co-CEO of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp, Becky Catino oversaw operations of a $25 million organization. Outside of her professional life, Becky Catino follows the NFL and is a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton ranks at No. 35 in NFL Network’s recently released Top 100 Players Of 2016.

Fifteen quarterbacks in total made the list, and Dalton is in the middle of that pack, ranking above such names as Andrew Luck, Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith, Derek Carr, and Eli Manning.

It is Dalton’s first time achieving mention on this list. While many analysts bemoaned Dalton’s play prior to last season, the Red Rifle cracked through negative perceptions and put together what many felt was an MVP-caliber campaign before losing his season to a broken thumb.

Dalton drastically cut back on his turnovers and proved more efficient at converting red zone opportunities into touchdowns. His ranking on the NFL Network’s list is indicative of his improvement and serves as validation to those who believe he is among the top 10 quarterbacks in the league.


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