Popular Bike Tours in Europe

Loire Valley, France pic
Loire Valley, France
Image: discoverfrance.com

Becky Catino, former co-CEO of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp. (SNAAC), former owner of TriStar Protection Plan, and current partner with the firm 625 Investments, is an accomplished business leader. An avid traveler and cyclist, Becky Catino also enjoys taking cycling trips to Asia, Africa, and Europe in her free time. Europe offers plenty of cycling trips and tours to visitors, a sampling of which is described below:

Coast to coast, Britain: one of the most popular long-distance cycling tours in Britain runs from the Cumbrian coast to the Wearside coast. The 140-mile trip requires around three days to complete and takes cyclists along minor roads and railway tracks as well as through small villages and hills.

Loire Valley, France: great for casual cyclists, the Loire Valley in France has a relaxing bike and wine tour that takes visitors through small towns and tasting areas. Several companies offer to carry items for cyclists doing this tour and serve as guides.

Majorca, Spain: featuring both flat and hilly road areas, Majorca in Spain is popular among road cyclists. There are plenty of options for sleeping, refueling, and getting bike parts along the road. Depending on the season, the route may be more or less challenging.

Bavarian Lakes, Germany: a circular route that starts and ends in Munich, the Bavarian Lakes cycling tour winds through calming valleys, lakes, and small villages. The entire trip covers close to 180 miles and may take around seven days to fully complete.


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