The New England Patriots and Celebrating Volunteerism


Celebrate Volunteerism Initiative pic
Celebrate Volunteerism Initiative

A mother of three boys, Becky Catino is a finance professional that served as president of the Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp for over two decades. Currently, Becky Catino is committed to charitable work and serves as chair of the Cincinnati St. Vincent de Paul Society and a member of the Ursuline Academy foundation board of trustees. Outside of her professional work, Ms. Catino is a football fan and enjoys the Bengals, Broncos and the Patriots teams.

A member of the National Football League (NFL), the New England Patriots are a football team based in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The team competes in the league’s American Football Conference West Division and has won five Super Bowl Championships, including the 2016 championship over the Atlanta Falcons. In addition to its on field success, the team also enjoys supporting a variety of community initiatives and volunteer efforts.

The Patriots promote active community engagement through the Celebrate Volunteerism Initiative. The program is designed to build awareness for volunteer work and educate others about volunteering opportunities through examples. Players are given days off to volunteer in the local community. In addition, the effort includes collection drives, volunteer outreach, and volunteer awards such as the weekly Patriots Difference Maker of the Week award.


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