Road Cycling As an Olympic Sport


Road Cycling pic
Road Cycling

A graduate of Cincinnati’s Ursuline Academy who was later recognized by the school as Woman of the Year, Becky Catino is the co-founder of GigSmart, a mobile application which serves as a platform for same-day, short-term job opportunities. In her free time, Becky Catino enjoys cycling.

A popular sport in both the United States and Europe during the 1980s, cycling is one of the few sports to have been featured in every Summer Olympics. However, although the individual road race was part of the original Athens Games in 1896, it was absent from the Olympic program until the 1924 Games in Paris. The women’s road race wasn’t added to the program until the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and the event was won by American Helen Constance Carpenter-Phinney. Alexi Grewal of the United States won the gold medal in the men’s road race in Los Angeles; he and Carpenter-Phinney are the only two Americans to ever finish first in the event.

For the most part, Olympic cycling has been dominated by France and Italy, particularly on the men’s side. Athletes from the two countries have combined to win eight of a possible 21 gold medals. Netherlands is the top cycling country on the women’s side with four of a possible nine gold medals.


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