Broncos Ready to Chase Their Next Super Bowl Win

Denver Broncos pic
Denver Broncos

Becky Catino is the co-founder of GigSmart, an on-demand job and gig app that helps both the employer and employee reach agreeable and flexible terms as quickly as possible to provide same-day work opportunities. Outside of her professional life, Becky Catino’s favorite sport to watch is football, with the Denver Broncos being one of her favorite teams.

After their 2016 Super Bowl 50 win, the Denver Broncos say they are ready and eager to chase their next championship in the upcoming 2017-2018 season. According to ESPN, motivated team veterans and coaching staff have helped the Broncos find their edge now that they are once again chasing the championship instead of defending it.

According to Chris Harris Jr., who plays cornerback for the team, everybody has a little pep in their step. He calls the team’s new coaching staff a clean slate and a chance to start over, bringing the team’s fire back after what he referred to as their lax performance in the 2016-2017 season. Another team cornerback, Aqib Talib, said he feels the team’s urgency to win this season, also mirroring Harris’ statement in saying, I don’t think our urgency was there last year.

As far as the team’s defensive coaching staff, former defensive backs coach Joe Woods now fills in for Wade Phillips, the team’s former coordinator. Linebacker Von Miller says one of the differences Woods brings is a simpler approach to defense, which he hopes will make the team run a whole lot smoother.

Though it is still far too early to tell just how well the Broncos will fare in their race to 2018’s Super Bowl LII, their newfound fire and positive attitude seem promising. With both players and staff pumped for the upcoming season, it is sure to be a passionate one for the team, the coaches, as well as the fans.


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