A Handful of Excellent Hiking Trails in Colorado

 Longs Peak pic
Longs Peak
Image: nps.gov

The former founder and CEO of a specialty auto finance company, Becky Catino now devotes her time to GigSmart, an app designed to make the modern gig economy more navigable for employees and employers. Recreationally, Becky Catino enjoys keeping active and is especially fond of traveling to Colorado for cycling and hiking. Colorado boasts some of the most awe-inspiring hiking trails in the country.

Advanced hikers should check out Longs Peak, one of the most celebrated paths in the state. The grueling hike includes 5,000 feet of elevation gain and lasts for 14.5 miles roundtrip. Individuals who endure the challenge are rewarded with priceless views from the top of the highest peak in Rock Mountain National Park.

Another great option is Bear Canyon Trail, which is close to downtown Boulder. The trailhead marker is the National Center for Atmospheric Research designed by I.M. Pei. The hike starts along the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail, which leads to the Mesa Trail and eventually Bear Canyon. While the hike is fairly strenuous, individuals get some great views of the rocky canyon interspersed with native trees. Hikers can continue on to summit Green Mountain if they wish.

Lost Man Loop is a gentler hike that passes through lakes and peaks. Hikers also tend to get some great peeks at local wildlife. While there is not much elevation gain, the trail is at a high altitude so individuals may have to go slower than normal.


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