Three Guided Cycling Tours in Europe

Cycle Greece pic
Cycle Greece

Becky Catino co-created GigSmart, a new way to find odd jobs in today’s gig economy. When not busy developing the mobile job-hunting platform or fulfilling her duties on the board of St. Vincent de Paul, Cincinnati, Becky Catino enjoys touring Europe by bike.

Guided bicycle tours are a great way to explore the world. Below are three popular tours in Europe:

1. The Peloponnese tour by Cycle Greece. This eight-day adventure takes cyclists through some of the most picturesque parts of Greece. Participants can choose from either a 358-mile or a 237-mile version of the tour, which includes stops at many sites of historical significance.

2. The Danube River tour by Experience Plus. A favorite of National Geographic Traveler, this tour spans 526 miles along the Danube in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. Over 12 days, participants pass monasteries, vineyards, and much more on their way to Budapest.

3. The Napoleon Bike tour by Ride & Seek. Much longer than other popular tours, this 2,736-mile adventure takes participants on a 45-day trip through seven countries. Riders begin in Paris and end up in Moscow, traveling through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia along the way.


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