Popular Bike Tours in Europe

Loire Valley, France pic
Loire Valley, France
Image: discoverfrance.com

Becky Catino, former co-CEO of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp. (SNAAC), former owner of TriStar Protection Plan, and current partner with the firm 625 Investments, is an accomplished business leader. An avid traveler and cyclist, Becky Catino also enjoys taking cycling trips to Asia, Africa, and Europe in her free time. Europe offers plenty of cycling trips and tours to visitors, a sampling of which is described below:

Coast to coast, Britain: one of the most popular long-distance cycling tours in Britain runs from the Cumbrian coast to the Wearside coast. The 140-mile trip requires around three days to complete and takes cyclists along minor roads and railway tracks as well as through small villages and hills.

Loire Valley, France: great for casual cyclists, the Loire Valley in France has a relaxing bike and wine tour that takes visitors through small towns and tasting areas. Several companies offer to carry items for cyclists doing this tour and serve as guides.

Majorca, Spain: featuring both flat and hilly road areas, Majorca in Spain is popular among road cyclists. There are plenty of options for sleeping, refueling, and getting bike parts along the road. Depending on the season, the route may be more or less challenging.

Bavarian Lakes, Germany: a circular route that starts and ends in Munich, the Bavarian Lakes cycling tour winds through calming valleys, lakes, and small villages. The entire trip covers close to 180 miles and may take around seven days to fully complete.

Quarterback Andy Dalton Cracks Top 100 for First Time


Quarterback Andy Dalton pic
Quarterback Andy Dalton
Image: nfl.com

During her time as co-CEO of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp, Becky Catino oversaw operations of a $25 million organization. Outside of her professional life, Becky Catino follows the NFL and is a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton ranks at No. 35 in NFL Network’s recently released Top 100 Players Of 2016.

Fifteen quarterbacks in total made the list, and Dalton is in the middle of that pack, ranking above such names as Andrew Luck, Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith, Derek Carr, and Eli Manning.

It is Dalton’s first time achieving mention on this list. While many analysts bemoaned Dalton’s play prior to last season, the Red Rifle cracked through negative perceptions and put together what many felt was an MVP-caliber campaign before losing his season to a broken thumb.

Dalton drastically cut back on his turnovers and proved more efficient at converting red zone opportunities into touchdowns. His ranking on the NFL Network’s list is indicative of his improvement and serves as validation to those who believe he is among the top 10 quarterbacks in the league.

Two Great Ohio Hiking Spots

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve Image: naturepreserves.ohiodnr.gov
Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve
Image: naturepreserves.ohiodnr.gov


For more than two and a half decades, Becky Catino led Mason, Ohio’s Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp. as president. She is currently chair of the Cincinnati chapter of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and has previously served on the Ursuline Academy board of trustees. In her leisure time, Becky Catino is an avid hiker.

Ohio’s hiking trails are some of the best kept secrets in the United States. For those looking to check out what the Buckeye State has to offer, listed below are two great trails to consider on a visit.

The Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve is home to a mile-and-a-quarter boardwalk trail that extends throughout the length of the bog and into the forest’s dirt trails. This is one of the most picturesque examples of a bog ecosystem, ripe with lily pads and other associated flora and fauna. There are plenty of knowledgeable park staff members and informational guides on hand to educate guests on the importance of bogs as well. Don’t forget the bug spray, though! Bogs naturally attract insects.

The loop trail spanning between Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls is but one among many impressive hikes to be had at Hocking Hills State Park. Waterfalls, small caves and other natural features are in steady supply on this trail, which runs about six miles in length. Blue posts mark the Buckeye Trail, while red posts lead you along the Gorge Overlook Trail, which heads up to Rose Lake and then to Old Man’s Cave.

Deflategate Morphs into Significant Labor Law Debate

Deflategate and Labor Law pic
Deflategate and Labor Law
Image: boston.cbslocal.com

Becky Catino chairs the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati and serves as a member of the Ursuline Foundation Board of Trustees. Outside her professional and philanthropic life, Becky Catino is an avid New England Patriots fan.

The Deflategate saga has now surpassed the theater of sports law and made its way into areas that some feel could have a significant impact on management-labor relations across the United States.

One group to make that claim consists of 11 law professors from Harvard, Cornell, UCLA, and other universities. In an amicus brief filed with the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, this coalition of legal minds claims that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell acted unfairly in his role as arbitrator, and that the previous appellate decision to uphold Tom Brady’s suspension could have a significant ripple impact on the country’s labor laws.

The AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) echoed those sentiments, also filing an amicus brief in Brady’s case. The largest federation of trade unions in the United States obviously has a vested interest in how the role of arbiter is defined in terms of labor law, and their involvement in the case signals that Deflategate is now a major case, not only to the NFL player’s union, but to all labor unions throughout the country.

The Ursuline Academy Alumni Foundation’s 43rd Annual Chicken Dinner

Ursuline Academy pic
Ursuline Academy
Image: ursulineacademy.org

Formerly the president of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp, Becky Catino now spends her time focusing on charitable activities and commitments. In addition to her position as chair of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati, Ohio, Becky Catino serves on the Ursuline Academy Alumni Foundation’s board of trustees.

The Ursuline Academy Alumni Foundation (UAAF) works to raise funds and serve the needs of the 150-year-old girls preparatory school in Springfield, Illinois. Members help to uphold the school’s traditions of quality Catholic education and learning through service with a variety of projects and events.

The Foundation recently held its 43rd Annual Chicken Dinner, thanks to partnerships with the Ursuline Academy Alumni Foundation and the local Knights of Columbus Council. Each year this entertaining event raises funds for the UAAF Scholarship Fund.

Volunteers prepare meals, set up the facilities, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Attendees buy tickets, and then enjoy a big chicken dinner with coleslaw and all the trimmings. Generous participants can also choose to donate chicken dinners to residents of nearby Brother James Court, a care facility that houses men who are developmentally disabled.

RetroFittings Event at Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Cincinnati

St Vincent de Paul pic
St Vincent de Paul
Image: svdpcincinnati.org

Becky Catino, formerly the president of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp. in Ohio, is currently serving as the chairwoman of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Cincinnati. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic organization founded in the 1830’s, and exists to help local individuals by providing care, whether spiritual, emotional, or material.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati, where Becky Catino serves, sponsors many events throughout the year. An annual event in the fall called RetroFittings involves about 70 local university students in a special night of fashion and fun.

Participating students shop at any of Cincinnati’s seven St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores and find donated clothes within a budget of $15 to refashion into modern, runway-worthy outfits. On the night of the RetroFittings event, their designs are showcased for all who attend.

RetroFittings has been an annual event for more than ten years. RetroFittings 2016 will take place on Thursday, October 13. The location will be the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati. To donate or volunteer, please visit www.svdpcincinnati.org.

Caring for Bicycle Chains


Becky Catino is the president of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp. Outside of work, Becky Catino is an avid traveler and cyclist who enjoys long rides, both at home and on her trips around the world.

All cyclists experience problems with their chain at some point in their life. There is no substitute for regularly replacing a chain, but these three tips will dramatically increase the lifespan of your bike chain and the drivetrain it runs on.

1. Clean your chain regularly. It should be spot cleaned routinely, especially after wet rides. Give your chain a scrub with an old toothbrush while it is still on the bike. From time to time, remove the chain and give it a thorough cleaning. This is especially important during winter months, when road salt and sand get into the chain.

2. Lubricate your chain properly. Choose a lubricant that is made for bicycles, preferably something with Teflon. Never use WD-40 to lubricate a bike chain.

3. Pay attention to how you ride. Avoid cross-chaining, or riding with the chain on the largest chain ring and the large cog on the cassette. Riding in this position puts too much pressure on the chain. It is also good practice to ride at a high cadence, which is both more efficient and better for the chain.