Transition Tips for Going from Full-Time to Freelance


Since 2016, successful entrepreneur Becky Catino has helped people in search of work find opportunities through the mobile application GigSmart, which she co-founded. Becky Catino created the app to help individuals achieve a healthy work-life balance through the freedoms provided by freelancing.

More and more full-time employees are considering making the switch to freelance work. While the benefits associated with freelance work are appealing, a successful freelance career requires a lot of work and careful planning. Here are a few steps to take before becoming self-employed.

Be financially prepared: Freelance businesses may not be profitable in the beginning, and it may take some time to get enough clients to cover all living expenses. It is advisable to put aside at least enough savings to live for 3-6 months to smooth the transition from a steady paycheck to less certain and less frequent payouts.

Get organized: Being a freelancer comes with many additional responsibilities, such as project management, accounting, and marketing. There are many apps and programs that can help self-employed individuals manage their project timelines as wells as write and track invoices.

Learn new skills: Continuous professional development is crucial in any profession, but more so for the self-employed, who must constantly demonstrate that they are highly proficient in their area of expertise. Thousands of courses in an array of subjects are available online, and many issue widely-recognized certificates and credentials.


Resume Tips for Remote Positions


Entrepreneur Becky Catino has founded successful companies in the auto financing and investment industries. Becky Catino’s latest venture is GigSmart, a Cincinnati-based virtual employment platform that connects businesses to qualified candidates. GigSmart’s primary mission is to simplify the job application process and help remote workers access a wider employment market.

When applying to a location-independent position, candidates should ensure that their resumes accurately reflect their experience, work ethic, and the type of position desired. Below are some tips to consider when making a resume specifically for remote work.

Highlight any previous remote work experience: Working outside of an office is not for everyone, and employers know this. Candidates for remote positions must demonstrate that they have the self-motivation and organizational skills to get the job done without the structure of an office.

If candidates don’t have previous experience working virtually, they can emphasize projects or assignments that they completed successfully on their own.

Be specific about what you are looking for. There are many ways to describe remote work, but all of these descriptions will not have the same meaning to each employer. For example, a job offering a flexible schedule or the ability to work from home may actually require the employee to come into the office.

If a candidate will only consider 100 percent remote positions, this must be stated very clearly in the objective. Applicants should also place their home addresses prominently on their resume, as even some remote positions have geographical restrictions. The goal is to avoid wasting either the employer’s or the applicant’s time.

St. Vincent de Paul to Construct New Outreach Center


St Vincent de Paul pic
St Vincent de Paul

In February 2018, St. Vincent de Paul announced it was building a new outreach center to better serve communities in the West End of Cincinnati and in surrounding Hamilton County. The new outreach center will be constructed opposite the organization’s Liz Carter Outreach Center, allowing it to double the financial support and services it currently accords volunteer groups in the region.

The new building will encompass 40,000 square feet and will house programs like Charitable Pharmacy, Lindner Choice Food Pantry, and social services. The expansive center will ensure St. Vincent de Paul offers better emergency services such as food, clothing, medicine, and utility payments to people in need. Construction will begin in the fall and is expected to be completed in 2019.

One member of the SVDP board, Becky Catino, is excited for the new building. Becky Catino has over three decades’ experience at the helm of organizations including a specialty auto finance company in Mason, OH. She is now the co-CEO of a mobile technology startup, GigSmart. In addition to her professional experience, she participates in many philanthropic efforts including serving on the board of St. Vincent de Paul.

The Highest Paying Gig Jobs of 2018


An alumna of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Becky Catino has served as the co-CEO of a specialty auto finance company in Mason, OH. Today, Becky Catino is the co-founder and co-CEO of GigSmart, a mobile-based platform that matches employers with workers in the gig economy.

Which jobs are commanding the highest wages in the gig economy? sought to answer this question in a recent study. From its findings, it is clear that technology-related jobs command the highest earnings, underlying the fact that gig workers with deep skills and expertise in high-demand fields can enjoy attractive compensation while still working flexibly.

According to the research, the highest earning gig job was in deep learning/artificial intelligence, which garnered an average compensation of $115.06/hour. It was followed by those skilled in blockchain architecture ($87.05/hour), robotics ($77.48/hour), ethical hacking ($66.33/hour), and cryptocurrency ($65.37/hour).

Notable mentions in the top 10 were Final Cut Pro editing ($37.12/hour) and Instagram marketing ($31.23/hour). Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s video editing software, while Instagram is a social media site focused on sharing images and short videos. While the two gig jobs do require computer knowledge, they are not the preserve of software engineers. That means they can be learned by many people and can open the door to high wages.

These skills and more can be added to your Worker profile in the GigSmart app. Coming soon to the App and Google Play store.