Three Guided Cycling Tours in Europe

Cycle Greece pic
Cycle Greece

Becky Catino co-created GigSmart, a new way to find odd jobs in today’s gig economy. When not busy developing the mobile job-hunting platform or fulfilling her duties on the board of St. Vincent de Paul, Cincinnati, Becky Catino enjoys touring Europe by bike.

Guided bicycle tours are a great way to explore the world. Below are three popular tours in Europe:

1. The Peloponnese tour by Cycle Greece. This eight-day adventure takes cyclists through some of the most picturesque parts of Greece. Participants can choose from either a 358-mile or a 237-mile version of the tour, which includes stops at many sites of historical significance.

2. The Danube River tour by Experience Plus. A favorite of National Geographic Traveler, this tour spans 526 miles along the Danube in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. Over 12 days, participants pass monasteries, vineyards, and much more on their way to Budapest.

3. The Napoleon Bike tour by Ride & Seek. Much longer than other popular tours, this 2,736-mile adventure takes participants on a 45-day trip through seven countries. Riders begin in Paris and end up in Moscow, traveling through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia along the way.

A Handful of Excellent Hiking Trails in Colorado

 Longs Peak pic
Longs Peak

The former founder and CEO of a specialty auto finance company, Becky Catino now devotes her time to GigSmart, an app designed to make the modern gig economy more navigable for employees and employers. Recreationally, Becky Catino enjoys keeping active and is especially fond of traveling to Colorado for cycling and hiking. Colorado boasts some of the most awe-inspiring hiking trails in the country.

Advanced hikers should check out Longs Peak, one of the most celebrated paths in the state. The grueling hike includes 5,000 feet of elevation gain and lasts for 14.5 miles roundtrip. Individuals who endure the challenge are rewarded with priceless views from the top of the highest peak in Rock Mountain National Park.

Another great option is Bear Canyon Trail, which is close to downtown Boulder. The trailhead marker is the National Center for Atmospheric Research designed by I.M. Pei. The hike starts along the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail, which leads to the Mesa Trail and eventually Bear Canyon. While the hike is fairly strenuous, individuals get some great views of the rocky canyon interspersed with native trees. Hikers can continue on to summit Green Mountain if they wish.

Lost Man Loop is a gentler hike that passes through lakes and peaks. Hikers also tend to get some great peeks at local wildlife. While there is not much elevation gain, the trail is at a high altitude so individuals may have to go slower than normal.

Broncos Ready to Chase Their Next Super Bowl Win

Denver Broncos pic
Denver Broncos

Becky Catino is the co-founder of GigSmart, an on-demand job and gig app that helps both the employer and employee reach agreeable and flexible terms as quickly as possible to provide same-day work opportunities. Outside of her professional life, Becky Catino’s favorite sport to watch is football, with the Denver Broncos being one of her favorite teams.

After their 2016 Super Bowl 50 win, the Denver Broncos say they are ready and eager to chase their next championship in the upcoming 2017-2018 season. According to ESPN, motivated team veterans and coaching staff have helped the Broncos find their edge now that they are once again chasing the championship instead of defending it.

According to Chris Harris Jr., who plays cornerback for the team, everybody has a little pep in their step. He calls the team’s new coaching staff a clean slate and a chance to start over, bringing the team’s fire back after what he referred to as their lax performance in the 2016-2017 season. Another team cornerback, Aqib Talib, said he feels the team’s urgency to win this season, also mirroring Harris’ statement in saying, I don’t think our urgency was there last year.

As far as the team’s defensive coaching staff, former defensive backs coach Joe Woods now fills in for Wade Phillips, the team’s former coordinator. Linebacker Von Miller says one of the differences Woods brings is a simpler approach to defense, which he hopes will make the team run a whole lot smoother.

Though it is still far too early to tell just how well the Broncos will fare in their race to 2018’s Super Bowl LII, their newfound fire and positive attitude seem promising. With both players and staff pumped for the upcoming season, it is sure to be a passionate one for the team, the coaches, as well as the fans.

Road Cycling As an Olympic Sport


Road Cycling pic
Road Cycling

A graduate of Cincinnati’s Ursuline Academy who was later recognized by the school as Woman of the Year, Becky Catino is the co-founder of GigSmart, a mobile application which serves as a platform for same-day, short-term job opportunities. In her free time, Becky Catino enjoys cycling.

A popular sport in both the United States and Europe during the 1980s, cycling is one of the few sports to have been featured in every Summer Olympics. However, although the individual road race was part of the original Athens Games in 1896, it was absent from the Olympic program until the 1924 Games in Paris. The women’s road race wasn’t added to the program until the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and the event was won by American Helen Constance Carpenter-Phinney. Alexi Grewal of the United States won the gold medal in the men’s road race in Los Angeles; he and Carpenter-Phinney are the only two Americans to ever finish first in the event.

For the most part, Olympic cycling has been dominated by France and Italy, particularly on the men’s side. Athletes from the two countries have combined to win eight of a possible 21 gold medals. Netherlands is the top cycling country on the women’s side with four of a possible nine gold medals.

New England Patriots Bolster Defensive Roster


New England Patriots pic
New England Patriots

An experienced entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience, Becky Catino currently oversees business development at 625 Investments, LLC. She also recently co-founded GigSmart, a mobile application that facilitates short-term employment agreements. In her spare time, Becky Catino enjoys watching the National Football League (NFL). Her favorite teams include the New England Patriots.

In a historic comeback victory last February, the Patriots won Super Bowl LI by a score of 34-28 over the Atlanta Falcons. This latest win earned quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick their fifth championship ring each. In preparation for the next season, the team is focusing on building up its defensive roster.

Last March, the Patriots surprised analysts and fans by signing a five-year, $65-million-dollar contract with cornerback Stephon Gilmore, previously of the Buffalo Bills. A sixth-year player from South Carolina, Gilmore tallied 48 combined tackles and five interceptions during the 2016 regular season. As a member of the Patriots, he will join Malcolm Butler, a top-ranked defensive back, in the secondary this coming season.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Helping the Homeless

St Vincent de Paul pic
St Vincent de Paul

Becky Catino is the co-founder of GigSmart, an on-demand job prospecting mobile application based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Among her charitable activities, Becky Catino currently serves as the board chair of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati.

A nonprofit organization, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides charitable services to those in need. With the help of local supporters, the organization implements various programs to assist vulnerable members of the community, including the homeless.

As per the Cincinnati Family Homelessness Services Study in 2014, 69 percent of families without a permanent residence are turned away from homeless shelters due to full capacity, while 56 percent of families who apply for prevention services from St. Vincent de Paul are rejected due to lack of resources. Yet, the non-profit’s impact is wide-ranging. Each year it helps over 5,000 households with utility and rent payments; 90 percent of those families avoid eviction for up to six months. Donations to the Liz Carter Homelessness Prevention Fund help with bill payments, while St. Vincent de Paul offers long-term solutions such as budget counseling and financial literacy programs, among other resources.

Winter Gardening Tips

Winter Gardening pic
Winter Gardening

While serving as CEO of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp, Becky Catino was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a $25 million organization. Apart from her professional career, Becky Catino enjoys many hobbies, including gardening.

Winter may not be the first season of the year that springs to mind when it comes to thinking about gardening tips. Just because the weather is cold, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do to keep a garden healthy and vibrant. Here are two suggestions to accomplish just that.

For larger shrubs and other plants that maintain some structure during the winter months, it’s important to keep them free of snow and ice. After a snowfall or an ice storm, be sure to clear as much of the snow or ice from the shrub or plant as possible to prevent unnecessary stress to the plant’s structure. By doing this, one can prevent limbs and other parts of the plant from breaking or becoming injured.

Winter doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of the growing season. Depending on your growing zone, there are several types of vegetables and other plants that can be planted during fall, late winter, or in very early spring. Broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, spinach, and kale are among many types of green vegetables that can be grown during the cold season. Root vegetables also can be an important part of a cold-weather garden. Seed companies are an excellent resource for learning more about vegetable-growing options for fall and winter planting.